Currently Droplets is in talks with two companies regarding the composting of wet waste in larger volumes. We are busy with trials at the moment whereby we can ascertain the quantities and the time frames required for this  process. We have tried composting on a smaller scale with 20 x 25lt bucket system with a product called Bokashi pellets, which has worked well. However it is not an ideal format for mass scale wet waste composting.

Worm farming, worm composting, vermiculture and vermicomposting are all different names for the process of recycling organic matter with the help of earthworms. We have done extensive research down the avenue of worm farming. Studies have shown that worm castings enhance germination, plant growth and crop yield. They add micro organisms to the soil and improve water holding capacity.

We have also done trials on worm farming and are busy negotiating at the moment on land space rental including a workable structure to be in place before 2018.